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Going to College in Wisconsin

Considering attending a university in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is somewhat unique when it comes to colleges. This state doesn't offer any real famous or exclusive private universities (Marquette University would probably be the one exception to this rule), but it does offer a really great supply of good and affordable colleges in almost every city of a decent size.

Most of these schools are part of the University of Wisconsin system of state schools.

These schools are located in these cities:

• Eau Claire
• Green Bay
• La Crosse
• Madison
• Milwaukee
• Menomonie
• Oshkosh
• Parkside
• Platteville
• River Falls
• Stevens Point
• Superior
• Whitewater

This is an incredible assortment of good choices.

Most of these schools host about 10,000 undergraduates. And many of these cities are fairly small -- most are them have populations under 100,000 people.

Figuring out which school you want to attend is usually not easy. Picking a college is a big decision.

Your ideal school will offer exactly the degree you are looking for. And it should have some nice perks and benefits, such as as good teachers, affordable housing, a handy campus and most of the features you are looking for.

Most students can't afford Marquette's tuition and fees, but one of the many other options might end up being just as good.

You could enroll for a degree in Teaching, Environment Planning, Technology, Marketing, Law, Clothing & Apparel, Education, Human Resource Management, Healthcare, Natural Sciences, Graphic Arts, Catering, Criminal Justice or almost anything else you want.

Earning a four-year degree is a great starting point for a young, ambitious person. And many students are not settling for just an undergraduate diploma, they want even more.

Many bachelor degree graduates are continuing on with their learning through graduate classes, some are working at it until they earn a master's degree, while others are striving just to keep current with their work skills and slowly improving the skills they see as vital to their future career.

The Badger State really offers a lot of education potential, perhaps you will find your school here.